Get Your Children Moving With These Children’s Books

Happy to Be Girls – In this book, author, Sarah Davies celebrates that it’s cool for girls to be strong, adventurous, and athletic, whether they want to be girly or tom boyish. The energetic rhymes and delicate illustrations depict young girls unicycling, skateboarding, climbing trees, and inspires them to use their bodies to explore their world. Plus it has a sweet ending: “Loud girls, Proud girls, Stand out in the crowd girls. Being just themselves — Just girls!!”
Hop a Little, Jump a Little – This board book will inspire movement for the little ones in your lives. It shows girls and boys skipping, patting a knee, bending, stretching, and moving as they explore the world around them. I love that it ends with a yawn and a nap, showing tots how exercise can help them sleep.

Children’s Fitness Academy; A bit about me! Lucy Miller

I was recently asked to write this about my self for my work – so I thought I would share it with you guys 🙂

Lucy Miller has been Health and Fitness Magazines Fitness Editor for 18 months now, after spending three years doing a similar role at Men’s Fitness Magazine. Lucy has also worked on Cycling Weekly, Cycle Sport and MBR Magazine, where she started her career at IPC Media.

Lucy has been involved in sport and fitness from a young age. She started training to be a gymnast at eight years old and took three national titles during her career. After quitting the sport to focus on her exams, she then became a part time gymnastics coach and studied nutrition at Premier Training International, obtaining a certificate in Nutrition For Health and Fitness. Since then she has become a level 3 personal trainer with NASM and also has qualifications in circuit training, kettlebell training and Instructing Exercise & Physical Activity for Children. As well as writing for fitness enthusiasts, about the latest fitness news, trends, and training methods, she can be found in the gym in her spare time or running with her running club. Lucy has also commentated on fitness related subjects for The Independent, The Sunday Times and in-house business-to-business publications.

Children’s Fitness Academy; Let’s get motivated

This time of year we can often find it hard to get our fitness mojo back. It’s cold and often winter can make us simply want to hibernate! So here are some incentives and ideas that will make you and your kids want to jump up and put your trainers back on! Xmas may be just around the corner, but this time of year is as good as any to get started. 



Get walking – one of the best exercises we can do is walk! Walking for me is the ultimate exercise because it engages nearly every muscle. Persuade your kids to walk to the shops, get off the bus a few stops early or walk to your friends and families house – by doing so you’ll burn off calories, increase your fitness, tone your legs, bum and tum all while enjoying the great outdoors.


Get Motivated With FaceBook – Everyone loves Facebook, so why not use it to your advantage and use it to create your own Fitness Challenge. This is a great way of getting you and your kids motivated and it’s totally free. Simply set up a group and set a weekly challenge for you and your kids and their friends – like walk to school four times a week. Once you have done your set challenge, let everyone know and ask them to record there’s too. The more in your group the more creative you can get. Why not set a challenge to walk from London to Paris? The total mileage is 218 Miles, so walk with your kids as many miles as you can each week and see how quickly as a group you can walk to Paris by accumulating your weekly walks. The miles will soon add up. You can plan your routes on nifty websites like or


 Make a Date; Give your kids that extra push to get you going and book a one-off personal training (with me? Email me at session? ask for a programme you can do at home together or in the park as well as a fitness test, then agree to book another session at the end of the month to re-do the results. This should give them enough motivation to do their weekly fitness sessions so they can be the teacher’s pet at the end of the month. You could also agree a wee shopping trip if their results improve or an extra hour on their playstation as a reward?!


Sign Up; Put your names down for a race or a challenge for a great cause. You can do Race for Life ( or just a local 5k like Park Run – a free weekly 5k in you local park. You could also give your child a fitness journal and ask them to write and draw about how they felt during each training session. They will soon pick up some great tips along the way, which they can share with their friends or use it for motivation when they need an extra push. Reading back at how good they felt when exercising could give them a little push when they have lost their way a little. 


Children’s Fitness Academy; Gifts for under £10

Christmas needn’t be about spending loads of money and sitting down watching christmas movies all day. It can be about fun, fitness games too – for all the family! 

Why not buy a fitness gift for under £10 – you will be suprised at how much fun you can have and how much better you feel about eating all those mince pies! 

Here’s some cool ideas for you; 

Nike basketball £9.99. shoot some hoops or make a team and see who can keep hold of the ball for the longest. 

Skipping rope £9.99 from Sweaty Betty – put on some music and each take a turn to skip to the whole song. You can also count who does the most jumps without getting their feet caught. 

Pedometer – wrap up warm and go for a walk after dinner – a pedometer will count exactly how many steps you take – compare with the rest of your family when you get home. 

Speedo goggles – ok so you may not go for a swim on xmas day – but how about on Boxing day? 

Londsdale boxing gloves – great fun! Pair up and get someone to hold the pads – punch for two minutes, then run on the spot for 1 minute. Repeat five times to work your arms and heart – lovely! 

Fitness DVD – there are loads to choose from! Get the family involved and see who can keep up for the whole duration. Grannie and Grandad too!! Image


Children’s Fitness Academy: Diabetes could be prevented by just one minute of exercise a day

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this……according to researchers just one minute of exercise a day could prevent diabetes!


Scientists at the University of Bath asked volunteers to perform two 20-second cycle sprints on exercise bikes, three times per weeks and after six weeks, researchers in the university’s Department of Health saw a 28% improvement in their insulin function!

It couldn’t be easier – why not play catch and get your child to run as fast as he or she can to get the ball or set out some cones so you sprint to one cone, then walk to the other and visa versa. Exercise can be fun and creative and as the study suggests, you don’t need to spend hours doing it to reap the benefits.

If you would like some more ideas – drop me an email or send me a message – my brain is bursting with them!

Children’s Fitness Academy; vitamin D dilemma!

Houston, we have a problem – it seems that we could all be falling short on vitamin D, which can make us more likely to be obese!

Also know as the sunshine vitamin, it’s clear that we aren’t getting enough which causes  higher degrees of insulin resistance, when the hormone becomes less effective at lowering blood sugar. This can lead to  the development of Type 2 diabetes!

News has also stated that children who sit in front of the television for most of the day, snacking on fatty foods, are therefore likely to have lower vitamin D levels and be overweight as well. The two factors might not be biologically related !

To get more Vitamin D – you need sunshine -which means taking your children’s playtime outside in the winter sun and chomping on foods, such as oily fish, eggs and fortified breakfast cereals.

– yet another reason for you and your children to get up and get active. Why not take the dog for a walk, fly a kite or ride your bikes around the park. The brisk fresh air will not only make you feel ALIVE but also reduce you and your child’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes!



After-School Olympic Games

The Olympics are just around the corner, so why not get your children into the spirit of things, while getting them fit and healthy?

Give this game a go and get your friends and family involved – it’s so much fun 🙂


  • Each child brings a prize, wrapped up (used or new), which is then put in a big bag upon arrival.
  • Big container of lemonade or water


  1. Make a list of all the events you can remember from the Olympic games. Include other events that might be special to your neighborhood like grass rolling, acorn picking, leaf catching, or creek walking.
  2. Make sure the events are safe and appropriate for the ages of children involved. Here are some things you might include: running races, swimming races, softball throw, long jump, Frisbee throw, tennis tournament, basketball toss, etc.
  3. If you don’t have room in your yard, meet at a park that might have a swimming pool, basketball court, or other extras.
  4. The winner of each event picks a prize from the gift bag.